Jazz (Strawberry Dream at Smacom)


Jazz – Strawberry Dream – was born in 2011. We bought her in 2014 partially health tested and we had more tests done. Her current tests are shown below. We have also added our Kennel name, making her Strawberry Dream at Smacom. She is very loving and chunky show type girl. She has a fantastic soft light coloured coat and a wonderful gentle temperament to match.  She never answered very well to Jazz, but we took it to be the common selective recall of many Labradors.  For those who know the TV series Criminal minds … we were watching and someone called out for the character JJ.  Jazz looked up and now always responds to JJ.  As her namesake said.  Im JJ to my friends.

Colourwise, as a yellow we know she can have both yellow and black pups , according to the sire’s genetic makeup. She does not carry the chocolate (b) gene – we have DNA tested to be certain.

She will be retiring in 2019 after her current litter have gone to their for ever homes – apart from the pup we are keeping !

She has the following health results:

This means her offspring cannot be affected with these genetic disorders

The tests we have undertaken exceed the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme requirements and recommendations.  If you wish to validate these you can do so easily at champdogs (click here) or the kennel club

Jazz (3)