Jazz – 2015

The pedigree of the pups  resulting from the mating is shown here. Smacom Pedigree Landscape – Little Jazz

Jazz gave birth on 17 January. She had a litter of 6, four boys and two girls. Mum and the pups are doing fine. All the pups have owners and have gone to their five star homes.

Both parents are thoroughly health tested and have wonderful characters. Their pups are beautiful.  They will be hereditary clear for prcd-PRA and CNM.  Jazz is SD2 and EIC clear so the pups cannot be affected with these either

You can see our litter advert on champ dogs. They also validate health tests so you can check those too if you wish.  You can also check all except prcd-PRA (tested by Laboklin not Optigen) on the Kennel Club web site.

All pups from this litter are reserved, but we have a waiting list for future puppies. Please contact us for more information.