Going on our reservation list

We are always concerned to ensure our pups go to good homes.

You will want to check us out, and check out our dogs, but we will ask you questions too. We will ask about your experience with Labradors, location, time. It doesn’t mean you have to have had dogs before – we like to know how you will provide our pups with good homes, and what sort of information to offer you.

We hope you and your pup will be happy together for many years – and so matching a pup to its new home is important to us.

Our pups have found homes with new dog owners, vets, as assistance dogs, and most importantly to us with happy families. We want every pup to be happy, well loved and well cared for in their new home and every owner to be delighted with the pup they chose.

Most of our pups go as family pets.  we will assume that this is the case so please let us know if you plant to breed, work or do agility etc with your pup.  We ask this so we can effectively ensure we can match the right pup to the right person.

You may find these youtube videos from The Kennel Club helpful

Please phone rather than mail.  That way we both ask any questions we need. If you mail us we will ask about your experience with Labradors and other dogs, for your address and email and a land line number of which we can contact you. We will also ask you to call us!   We will always want to speak to you.