Retired ladies

For various reasons some of our dogs are retired.  They remain members of our family.

Roxy has had four litters (the KC maximum) and is slightly older and we will not be breeding with her any more. She is much loved and spends most of her time in the house, sleeping in a bedroom as she has for years.

Faye has had three litters registered.  The first two litters she loved being a Mum but she seemed to have had enough during her 2015 litter.  She is still one of our girls but we wont be letting her have another litter since she doesn’t seem to want more pups.

Bonnie has had her quota of litters under KC rules.  She therefore wont have more pups.  She is very different from Faye – she gives every sign of wanting more pups !

Phoebe has a cesarean section and our vet advised she should not have any more litters