COVID-19 and puppy viewing and collection


We have set up a process for puppy viewing and collection which keeps us at a safe distance from you in line with social distancing advice. We are currently not self isolation. The viewing area can be seen here.  We will ask you to use a hand sanitizer to clean your hands both first thing on arrival and last thing before leaving. We will keep a good distance from you during the viewings. Whilst this is a little impersonal, we are sure you will agree the protection measures are appropriate and necessary.

However. with the current movement restrictions in place puppy viewing is limited to video links and currently vet visits are limited to emergencies only. Collections appear to be permitted.


We are working with our vets and The Kennel Club as well as our local licencing authority to ensure the welfare of all our dogs and puppies. Everyone here (two and four legged) is in good health and we have enough food for all!


Some aspects of health testing are being impacted by COVID. With BVA eye testing severely impacted many breeders are struggling to get eye certificates. As as 1 February all our planned puppies’ parents will have current (within 12 month) eye certificates. Hip and elbow scoring is very much delayed. We have some with the BVA in the queue . To ensure we breed any dogs responsibly we have used the Australian Kennel Club scheme which has a turnaround time on a few days rather than some months IN PARALLEL to the BVA scheme. The scheme gives us a score based on the same criteria and broadly similar numbers until our BVA results are returned to us.