Puppy Packs

When you buy a puppy  you should receive lots of helpful information from your breeder. They  should also be offering you life long  advice and help.

Every pup we sell is microchipped, has (at least) its first vaccinations and will have been vet checked at least once.  He or she will come with a contract, a puppy pack (much of which is here also)  Some of what we provide is personal to you and your pup.  Information like the Kennel Club number, microchip information and worming and vaccination information for example.  You will only have paper copies of these items. You will also receive the Kennel Club certificate.

Your personal pack would include all these things, plus many generic items.  These items we publish here.

As we only breed Labrador retrievers much of the information is specific to that breed.  All information is provide as guidance but you should satisfy yourself that it is appropriate for your pup.


We  cover the following areas:


Exercise guidance

Dietary & Feeding Guidance






Breed tendancies and traits