Roxy (Kingskare Demure at Smacom)

Roxy (63)Roxy (58)

Roxy – Kingskare Demure at Smacom – was born in 2009. We bought her in 2013 and had the health tests listed below carried out. She is very loving and a stocky solid little girl.She is short legged and even by Labrador standards she is a very affectionate girl ! Her first litter with us was in 2013 and all were strong healthy pups. You can see some pictures here.

Colourwise, Roxy has a chocolate (b) gene and a yellow(e) gene and can therefore have pups of all colours, according to the sire’s genetic makeup. We mated her with a yellow dog (with no brown gene) and she had both yellow and blacks pups as expected.

She has the following health results:

This means her offspring cannot be affected with these genetic disorders.

The tests we have undertaken exceed the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme requirements and recomendations.  If you wish to validate these results you can do so easily at champdogs (click  here)  or the kennel club.