Faye (Kendurham Pride ) (Retired)

Faye has now retired from breeding but remains with us as a loving pet.  

Faye – Kendurham Pride – was born in 2010. We bought her in 2013 and had the health tests listed below carried out. She is a very clever girl, learning quickly.  She is calm in her  manner, with nothing phasing her.  She loves to chase a ball, or lie on her sofa like a queen looking down on her fellow dogs ! Her first litter with us was in 2014

Colourwise, we believe Faye to be pure  chocolate.  We bred her with another chocolate and she had a beautiful litter of all chocolate bundles of fun and love.

She has the following health results:

Her clear statuses means her offspring cannot be affected with these genetic disorders. However as an EIC carrier we must ensure any stud dog we mate Faye with in the future is CLEAR.  By doing this we can ensure any future offspring are not affected with EIC.  This demonstrates why testing is important.  

The tests we have undertaken exceed the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme requirements and recommendations.

Faye (1)