The Puppy Socialisation Plan is aimed at giving your puppy/puppies the best start in life from a socialisation perspective. The Kennel Club and the Dogs trust have produced a plan for new pups. We follow this as much as possible. Full details can be found at
You will see reference to factors breeders should take into account.

A summary of our actions is given here.

As breeders we also get pups vaccinated, microchipped and vet checked before they are sold.
We worm pups too, and the last worming date is given in the contract. All our pups are weaned before sale and a supply of puppy food coms with your pup
We do not feel that litter screening is necessary in view of our health testing and endorsement policy.
There are also some other really important factors that you need to consider, which you should discuss with your vet or refer to the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust sites for information. They are:
Immunisations (for more information see the WSAVA guidelines in the “Resources” section under “Websites”) and when it is safe to start taking your puppy out for walks
Feeding and nutrition. You will also find helpful information elsewhere in this pack