Labrador Information

We have tried to gather some useful information about Labradors, and have linked to some useful sites from this site.  We feel their key strengths are their intelligence, willingness and loving natures. Because of this they have always been popular pets and of course they are well known as guide dogs for the blind.

Wikipedia has a good article about them, which you can find here.

The Kennel Club also provide a lot of information regarding choosing a dog.  Their information regarding Labradors can be found here.

Its a good plan to read all this before deciding to get a dog.  Being a good owner of a dog involves time and patience.  Its important to be sure you can provide both, and also meet the costs of a dog. Labradors will love you almost unconditionally – if you are going to take care of one remember that it is likely to be a ten to fifteen year commitment and they will be dependent on you all that time.