Health Tests – External Links

We have explained health tests , but this is such an important issue we have also provided links to other sites which explain the mail issues who are relevant to the breed.

Our opinion is when you are looking for a puppy as a pet you should check the following:

  • Both parents are hip scored
  • Both parents are elbow scored
  • Both parents have a current clear (recorded as Unaffected) eye certificate (puppies born within 12 month of the test)
  • One parent to be clear for each of the five DNA tests the Kennel Club record. It doesn’t need to be the same parent for each test.The second parent’s status is not important.

If you plan to breed this is slightly different but if this is your intention you will probably understand this. Please let us know when inquiring abut puppies if this is the case

If we have further lockdowns eye tests my be difficult to arrange.  during the first one the Kennel Club relaxed the rule to 18 months.  Hopefully this will not be an issue in the future.

Our breeding dogs (both male and female) have current clear eye certificates and tests booked where necessary to keep them current They are fully DNA tested and hip and elbow scored. Our older ones are eye tested as advised by the current chair of the BVA testing panel.

Hip  & Elbow dysplasia

The scheme for testing this is run by the Kennel Club and the BVA

The Kennel club info is here and the BVA info is here

Lab Health talk about hips here and elbows here.

(Annual) Eye Tests

The BVA information is here and the Kennel Club info here.

 DNA Testing


The Kennel Club discuss this here.


The Kennel Club discuss this here


The Kennel Club discuss this here