If you buy a Smacom pup …

What you get if you buy a puppy from us

  • A healthy pup with well tested parents who has been vet checked at least once
  • A socialized pup used to home life
  • Lifelong support
  • Records about your pup
  1. The Kennel Club ownership papers
  2. A puppy brought up following Assured Breeder regulations
  3. A puppy socialized using the principles of  the puppy plan
  4. A microchipped pup (now all pups must be chipped)
  5. F ive weeks complementary Kennel Club Insurance (Petplan if you prefer)
  6. A printed family history for your pup
  7. Vaccination records
  8. A puppy pack. All the general information is also available on our web site.
  9. A supply of food the puppy is used to eating !
  10. Information regarding diet and worming

As well as this, you will always meet the mother. You will see her microchip scanned and her Kennel Club papers with matching details. You will also see her Health test paperwork. However feel free to check this on The Kennel Club web site ! You will also see your pup’s microchip scanned and the details will match all the paperwork for your pup.

When we take a deposit for a puppy it is non refundable. However if for any reason we cant provide you with a pup we will transfer your name and deposit to a future litter or give a refund.

Whilst you cant meet the stud dog here we check his microchip number to his paperwork and his health test results to help you be sure the pup you buy is the pup we say!